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Becoming A Vendor
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4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Vendor

1. Get Your Sales Tax Certificate

YOU MUST HAVE ONE to reserve a space at the market. You must do it online or through the mail. To do it online, go to, click on click on “Taxation and Finance, Dept. of”, click on “Certificate of Authority” on pull-down menu, click "Apply Online" on next screen, and you’ll get to the application. (You will be asked to use or create a NYS ID.) When asked for an address, DO NOT use our address - use your home address. You do not need an EIN number unless the IRS or your accountant has told you to get one. The NAICS code that you should use (on page 2 of the application) is 454390.

You may NOT work until you get the physical document in the mail (allow at about 3 weeks for this).

For mailing or just to see what you will be filling out online, you may download the form by using this link:

We have copies of this application in the office on Sunday. Their toll-free number is 1-800-698-2909; direct number is 518-485-2889.

This is what the certificate of authority looks like - be sure you have this document:

Or it could look like this:

2. Get Your Merchandise Approved

New vendors are not guaranteed admission. New vendors who misrepresent their offerings will not be booked again. Counterfeit merchandise is forbidden.

We try to give antique dealers priority. If you are selling craft objects that you make, please call to discuss. This is not a juried show but we do try to minimize duplication. The markets are currently over-supplied in jewelry, pillows, bags & totes, scarves, and hats. Glass, ceramics, and art objects are always welcome.

Absolutely NO jewelry -- costume, vintage costume, or handmade -- may be sold by new vendors. We also need to limit sunglasses, hats, scarves, rugs, hair accessories, handbags, shawls, pillows, tee-shirts, young women's clothing, and beaded items sold by new vendors. Ethnic handicrafts are also another problem area at this time. We must know exactly what you're selling to keep the market at a gently competitive level. Call or email to discuss.

Vendors must notify the market if they want to make a change in their merchandise. Vendors who do not get approval on merchandise changes may not be allowed to sell the merchandise at the market.

3. Decide on Size/Type of Space

Sunday Outdoor Spaces
Size Peak Price Off-Peak Price*
5 x 5 ft. $35 $30
5 x 10 ft. aisle 65 55
5 x 10 corner 70 60
10 x 10 aisle 130 or 140 (corner) 110 or 120 (corner)
10x10 wall/fence 120 105
10x12 140 120
Larger please inquire please inquire

* Peak periods: April 1 - June 30; Sept. 8 - Dec. 31

Sunday Indoor Spaces (Cafeteria & Hall)

Size Peak Price Off-Peak Price**
Table $53 $48
Table - corner 58 53
Hall - 5 ft. 28 25
Hall - 10 ft. 55 50
9 x 9 - cafeteria 100 80
Foyer spots 50 to 90 40 to 75

** Peak indoor is Oct. 1 to April 30.



4. Call to Make A Reservation

Reservations are done on a weekly basis only. Call (212) 239-3025 on Monday or Tuesday to request a space for the coming Sunday. That is, if you want to work on Sunday, May 20, you would call us on Monday, May 14, or Tuesday, May 15.  Leave a message with name, phone number, size of space, merchandise offered, and whether you have your sales tax certificate. We will contact you on Wednesday by phone. (You may also email us at and we will email you back).

Please note that assignments are made on the basis of seniority and merchandise offerings. If we are unable to book you due to heavy demand, you will be notified and told of your options.

General Information

Market Phone Numbers: Call 212-239-3025 and leave a message.
Hours of Operation: Sunday market is open 10 AM to 5:30 for shoppers. Vendor set-up time is approximately an hour earlier; vendors should be out of the market by  7:30 pm on Sunday.
Registration Fee: New vendors pay a one-time $40 fee on first day. Waived for those selling used/antique items.
Table Rentals:  Sunday market:$3 for a small (24 x 48), $5 for large (30x72). Chairs $1. Payment for tables & chairs made in cash to staff member who brings them to your space.
Tent Rentals : please call Freddie Kelly at 718-840-9629.
Cancellations: If you are calling to cancel for any reason other than bad weather, you must call before 5 p.m. Friday to avoid paying a penalty. If you want to cancel due to weather, call (212) 239-3025 to leave a message.
Acceptable Payments Forms: Payment is made at the market the day you work. Cash or money orders only for new vendors. No refunds are given. You will be given a receipt for your rent and registration fee. Subsequent rents may be paid by check if approved by market management. There is a $35 bounced check fee so be careful. Credit cards are not accepted for payment of rent.


To get a registration form that you can email, click here.


THE OFFICIAL Bad Weather Policy

What does it take to make the day ‘a bad weather day’?

This is really the heart of the matter. Remember that we are talking about weather in the neighborhood of the market – not the vendor’s neighborhood. Bad weather for outdoor vendors consists of:

  • Precipitation in the form of rain or snow – it must be at least ¼ inch of rain or 2 inches of snow. And this must be before 1 PM.
  • Extreme cold – temperature below 35° F (during the entire day)
  • Extreme heat – temperature above 90° F (during the entire day)

Indoor vendors should be prepared to work in most weather conditions with the exception of heavy rain or snow. If you aren’t, please notify us before Friday noon.

What are the options for a vendor if the forecast calls for bad weather?

There seems to be some confusion about what your options are on bad weather days. It is actually straightforward:

  • Not willing to take any chances?? Please cancel by Friday at noon. No questions asked. No penalty for doing so. (You could then try to re-book on Sunday morning if the weather turned out to be decent.)
  • OR: Would you consider a space inside? You may call 212-239-3025 to request a space indoors. Just leave us a message.
  • Want to wait until the last minute?? You may cancel for bad weather on the morning of the market by leaving a message at 212-239-3025. If you guess wrong and cancel when it is not a bad weather day or if you just don’t show up at all, you will be charged one-half the rent.
  • If you come to market and SET UP, you are obligated to pay the rent even if you don’t work the whole day. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. So stay outside the gates if you want to wait and see.
  • If you park in the yard, you will have to pay the rent for your vending space as well. We are not a parking garage.

Remember we are talking about the actual weather experienced on the day of the market – not the forecast. The forecast is right about 30% of the time.

We are trying to make this as fair as possible for all concerned. When the weather is truly bad, vendors who have called to cancel are not charged. If this was a street fair operation, you would be paying the entire rent (sometimes months in advance) whether it was storming or sunny. Here you pay as you go.