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Becoming A Vendor.....
4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Vendor

Easy Steps to Becoming a GreenFlea Vendor

1.Get your Sales Tax Certificate (NYS Certificate of Authority): You must have one to reserve a space at the market. You must do it online

2. Get your merchandise approved: New vendors are not guaranteed admission. You must email Juli - the market manager: and let her know you are a potential new vendor to the market. In the email, state your first and last name; business name if any; tax certificate number; describe your merchandise and send photos. Juli will email you back as to whether it is acceptable merchandise for the market or not.

At the moment, there is a moratorium on new vendors who sell jewelry. NO JEWELRY of any kind PLEASE! Also, there are limits on scarves, hats, handbags, sunglasses, hair accessories, t-shirts, and women's clothing. If you make your own merchandise or are a crafter, you have a better chance of being accepted. Any and all artists and artisans are encouraged to apply.

Do not misrepresent your merchandise, if it is mass produced or you are a wholesaler, please make this information known. Counterfeit merchandise and 'knock-offs' are strictly forbidden. New designer labeled merchandise will not be accepted without a proper bill of sale.
Antique and vintage dealers are given priority as space allows. Existing vendors must notify the market if they want to make a change in their merchandise offering. Vendors who do not get approval on merchandise changes may not be allowed to sell the new merchandise at the market.

3. Decide on Size/Type of Space:
Outdoor Spaces
Size Peak Price Off-Peak Price*
5 x 5 ft. $35 $30
5 x 10 ft. aisle 65 55
5 x 10 corner 70 60
10 x 10 aisle 130 or 140 (corner) 110 or 120 (corner)
10x10 wall/fence 120 105
10x12 140 120
Larger please inquire please inquire

* Peak periods: April 1 - June 30; Sept. 8 - Dec. 31

Indoor Spaces (Cafeteria & Hall)

Size Peak Price Off-Peak Price**
Table $53 $48
Table - corner 58 53
Hall - 5 ft. 35 25
Hall - 10 ft. 55 50
9 x 9 - cafeteria 100 80
Foyer spots 50 to 90 40 to 75

4. To make a Reservation: Reservations are made on a weekly basis. EMAIL: on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the Sunday you want to work. Please state your first and last name and business name if any and the size of space you wish to book in the body of the email. If you have been at the market previously and would like the same space, please make it clear. That exact space may not be available but it'll be easier to place you in a preferred spot if you make your wishes known. Please do not reserve your space by telephone calls. If you are a new vendor,

DO NOT BOOK without a NYS Certificate of Authority.
Please note that assignments of spaces are made on the basis of seniority and merchandise offered. All emails will be answered in a reasonable time frame.

General Information

Hours of Operation: Sunday market is open 10 AM to 5:30 for shoppers. Vendor set-up time is approximately an hour earlier; vendors should be out of the market by 7:30 pm on Sunday.

Registration Fee
: New vendors pay a one-time $40 fee on first day. Waived for those selling used/antique items.

Table RentalsSunday market:$3 for a small (24 x 48), $5 for large (30x72). Chairs $1. Rent fee for tables and chairs will be collected in midday by a staff member.

Tent Rentals
: please call Freddie Kelly at 718-840-9629.

Cancellation for any reason can be made up to NOON on Friday without penalty. All cancellations after NOON on Friday for any reason will be assessed a penalty of ½ the booked space fee. This will be payable the next market day you book.
NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. Cancellations due to weather is only acceptable when you arrive on the Sunday morning and cannot set up due to weather - wind/rain/snow, etc… ,
or email us at

Acceptable Payments Forms: Payment is made at the market the day you work. Cash or money orders only for new vendors. No refunds are given. You will be given a receipt for your rent and registration fee. Subsequent rents may be paid by check if approved by market management. There is a $35 bounced check fee so be careful. Credit cards are not accepted for payment of rent.

THE OFFICIAL Bad Weather Policy

What does it take to make the day a bad weather day ?

This is really the heart of the matter. Remember that we are talking about weather in the neighborhood of the market not the vendor's neighborhood. Bad weather for outdoor vendors consists of:

  • Precipitation in the form of rain or snow it must be at least¼ inch of rain or 2 inches of snow. And this must be before 1 PM.
  • Extreme cold temperature below 35° F (during the entire day)
  • Extreme heat temperature above 90° F (during the entire day)

Indoor vendors should be prepared to work in most weather conditions with the exception of heavy rain or snow. If you are not, please notify us before Friday noon.

What are the options for a vendor if the forecast calls for bad weather?

There seems to be some confusion about what your options are on bad weather days. It is actually straightforward:

  • Not willing to take any chances? Please cancel by Friday at noon. No questions asked. No penalty for doing so. (You could then try to re-book on Sunday morning if the weather turned out to be decent.)

  • OR: Would you consider a space inside? please email us to request a space indoors. Just leave us a message.

  • Want to wait until the last minute?? You may cancel for bad weather on the morning of the market please email us If you guess wrong and cancel when it is not a bad weather day or if you just don't show up at all, you will be charged one-half the rent.

  • If you come to market and SET UP, you are obligated to pay the rent even if you don't work the whole day. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. So stay outside the gates if you want to wait and see.

  • If you park in the yard, you will have to pay the rent for your vending space as well. We are not a parking garage.

Remember we are talking about the actual weather experienced on the day of the market not the forecast. The forecast is right about 30% of the time.

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