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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Vendors


Reservations and Space Assignments

1. Do I have to call every time I want to work? If you are a new or occasional vendor, you must call or email each time you want to book a space. Remember to contact us at the start of the week - Monday or Tuesday. We will get back to you on Wednesday with the assignment.

2. How do I ask for a space? We need to know a few things: your name, the market, whether the space should be inside or outside, the size of the space. If you are a brand new vendor, also include a short description of your merchandise. If you're leaving a voice mail, INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER - PLEASE!!

3. I liked the space  I had last time. Can I get it again? Maybe. If it was a space that has no permanent vendor attached to it, you probably will be able to get it. Just mention the location in your message to us or say 'the same as last time'.

4. I want to get a regular spot. How does that work? After you have been working regularly for several months, you should ask to be assigned to a regular spot. We tend to move new vendors around so that you can get a better feeling for the market. After a few months, you should have an idea of what works for you.

5. Is there a contract I have to sign? Do I have to work a certain number of weeks? There is no contract to sign -- simply a data sheet so that we can get your information entered into the computer system. You may work as little as one day or every market day -- you decide how often you want to work. See point one above (under this heading).

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Cancellation Policies

1. I need to cancel my reservation for this weekend. What should I do? If you are canceling for any reason, please call or email us before noon on Friday. There is no charge for canceling before Friday at noon. In the event of an emergency, please leave us a message at 212-239-3025 as soon as you are able to do so.

2. The forecast looks bad -- can  I cancel for bad weather? You may cancel the morning of the event by calling 212-239-3025 and leaving us a message. If you cancel and the weather turns out to be good, we reserve the right to charge you 1/2 the rent (particularly during the busy spring and fall seasons).

3. Am I permitted to cancel an indoor space for bad weather? This is not recommended unless the forecast is calling for extremely bad weather. People book indoor spaces BECAUSE the weather is going to be bad. We have very few indoor spots and would like to reserve them for people who are going to use them.

4. If I set up on a bad weather day and decide to leave, do I have to pay? If you set up at the market on a bad weather day, you are obligated to pay for your space. There are no exceptions to this. If you're uncertain that you will be able to handle the bad weather, don't unpack your merchandise and wait to see how the weather develops.

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Set-up and Break-down

1. What are the times for set-up? Sunday market on Columbus Avenue: indoor vendors may enter at 8 AM. Outdoor vendors in large spaces enter at 8:30 AM. All other vendors enter at 9 AM.

2. When do I have be out of the market? Sunday market on Columbus Avenue: indoor vendors must be out by 8 PM. Outdoor vendors should be out of the yard no later than 8:30 PM.

3. Can I drive into the yard -- either in the morning or the evening? Sunday market on Columbus Avenue: indoor vendors may enter at 8 AM. Outdoor vendors in large spaces may drive in at 8:30 AM -- join the line of double-parked cars on W. 77th St. between Columbus and Central Park West.

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1. Can I park my vehicle in the yard? Parking in the yard is allowed but there is a charge for it. Parking is limited so a space cannot be guaranteed for any vendor.

2. What are the fees for parking?

Cars - $15 (includes SUVs); Vans - $20; and Trucks - $25. You will be asked to pay these fees in cash and will be given a printed receipt.

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Sales Tax Certificate and Charging Sales Tax

1. Why do I need a sales tax certificate? You need one because you will be vending on New York City owned property. It is demanded by the city and in fact is included in our contract with the city.
this is what a certificate of authority looks like - be sure you have the right document sample certificate

2. I sell items that aren't taxable - why do I need the certificate? See point 1 above. Yes you do need the certificate -- you will also need to send in the reports on a schedule dictated by the NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance even if you are not obligated to charge sales tax. You'll file a $00.00 return.

3. I have an EIN number - isn't that the same? No -- it is a number given to you by the federal government. It has nothing to do with the collection of sales tax in NY. See point 1 above.

4. What is the code number that I need for the application? The 6-digit NIC code that you need (which is asked for on the second page of the application) is 454390.

5. My sales tax certificate is from another state. Can I use that? No -- you must have a sales tax certificate from New York State. No other state's certificate is acceptable.

6. How do I charge sales tax? We recommend that you include it in the price of your items. It is not a well-known fact that flea market vendors must charge sales tax and it is too difficult to explain this tax to visitors. Just include it in the price and net it out -- keep a simple journal of your sales for this reason.

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Furniture and Tent Rentals

1. I'm coming by bus or subway and can't carry a table. You may rent tables at the market. The fees are: $5 for a 6 ft. table, $3 for a 4 ft. table. You do not need to book these in advance. Chairs are also available.

2. Do you rent tents? You can rent a pop-up 10x10 canopy from Freddie for $20. Call him to reserve one -- 718-840-9629.

3. I need a garment rack. Do you rent those? No - these are not available. Nor are shelves or tablecloths.

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Merchandise -- What to Sell, Restrictions

1. Why was I told I could not sell x or y or z? There could be several reasons for a rejection. First, some other vendor may be selling the same thing. For example, two people selling Timex watches would be one vendor too many. Or it could be that the market already has more than enough in a particular category such as costume jewelry or handbags. Occasionally, items that skirt illegality must be rejected -- remixes of copyrighted materials for example.

2. What should I be selling? If we knew the answer to that, GreenFlea would be a department store. Seriously, though, we can't tell you what to sell without jeopardizing our good name and your finances. We are happy to tell you if something has not been successful in the past. And, of course, we will tell you what you cannot sell (see point 1 above).

3. Can I get some of my items featured on the web site? Yes! In fact we encourage vendors to take advantage of this tool and wish more would follow up. It is as simple as sending us some photos (small JPG files, please!) via email. Include a blurb about your stuff and a link to your web site if you have one. We usually get your items on our site within a day or two.

4. I want to sell items that are different from what I sell now. Is that possible? Yes! You may sell other items provided they are not in one of the categories closed to new vendors (i.e., costume jewelry, handbags, etc.) You must tell us what it is that you would like to sell -- please do this before buying/making your inventory decisions. You need to get the new items approved by us before you can sell them at the market.

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Payment Options and Counterfeit Bill Detection

1. How do I pay GreenFlea? You pay us only at the market on the day you work. Payment for new vendors should be in cash or money orders. After the first time, we will accept a check for the rent. Furniture/tent/parking fees are in cash only. We do not accept credit cards.

2. Do I need to take credit cards? How do I do that? Credit cards will increase your business especially if your average ticket price is over $20. You need to speak to someone in the Merchant Services department of your bank. There is a monthly fee, a per transaction fee, and an equipment fee for credit card service. You should remember that a terminal may need to be operating on battery power and be equipped with cellular or radio connectivity (for approvals).

3. Should I take personal checks from shoppers? That is up to you. If you have been doing business with someone over the course of a few weeks/months, you might consider it. Be sure to get identification. The market is not responsible for bounced checks. Fees can be high so be prudent.
4. How do I protect myself against counterfeit bills?

There is no 100% guaranteed method for detecting counterfeit bills but you can protect yourself by trying some of these:

  1. Get a counterfeit pen at a stationery store - it works reasonably well for new bills but may not be accurate for older bills. It is NOT guaranteed to be 100% accurate..
  2. Check to see that the image on the face matches the watermark image.
  3. Make sure that there is an internal line of the bill's denomination running through the bill.
  4. On new $50 and $100 bills the denomination on the lower right corner will change colors when seen from different angles.
  5. Refuse to accept large bills for small purchases. This is a typical M/O for someone trying to pass a bad bill.
  6. Post a sign on your table that you only accept $20 or smaller bills.

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Advertising and Publicity for the Market

1. Is there any advertising for the market? GreenFlea uses several magazines and the New York Times to promote the market. Ads are run continuously throughout the year. We focus on ads aimed at the tourist market through magazines like City Guide and Where.

2. What else do you do to promote the market?

GreenFlea is a member of the NY tourist bureau (NYC&CO). Our listing appears on their web site and in their tourist guidebooks.

Our own web site generates roughly 5000 hits a month and is used by people around the world.

3. Do you get any free publicity? GreenFlea is often mentioned in local papers - the Daily News, AM NY, The Post, and The New York Times. We have occasional mentions in local magazines such as New York and TimeOut/NY.

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THE OFFICIAL Bad weather policy    

click here to get the printable version

What does it take to make the day ‘a bad weather day’?

This is really the heart of the matter. Remember that we are talking about weather in the neighborhood of the market – not the vendor’s neighborhood. Bad weather for outdoor vendors consists of:

·         Precipitation in the form of rain or snow – it must be at least ¼ inch of rain or 2 inches of snow. And this must be before 1 PM.

·         Extreme cold – temperature below 35° F (during the entire day)

·         Extreme heat – temperature above 90° F (during the entire day)

Indoor vendors should be prepared to work in most weather conditions with the exception of heavy rain or snow. If you aren’t, please notify us before Friday noon.

What are the options for a vendor if the forecast calls for bad weather?

There seems to be some confusion about what your options are on bad weather days. It is actually straightforward:

·         Not willing to take any chances?? Please cancel by Friday at noon. No questions asked. No penalty for doing so. (You could then try to re-book on Sunday morning if the weather turned out to be decent.) 

OR: Would you consider a space inside? You may call 212-239-3025 to request a space indoors. Just leave us a message.

·         Want to wait until the last minute?? You may cancel for bad weather on the morning of the market by leaving a message at 212-239-3025. If you guess wrong and cancel when it is not a bad weather day or if you just don’t show up at all, you will be charged one-half the rent.

·         If you come to market and SET UP, you are obligated to pay the rent even if you don’t work the whole day. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. So stay outside the gates if you want to wait and see.

·         If you park in the yard, you will have to pay the rent for your vending space as well. We are not a parking garage. 

Remember we are talking about the actual weather experienced on the day of the market – not the forecast. The forecast is right about 30% of the time.

We are trying to make this as fair as possible for all concerned. When the weather is truly bad, vendors who have called to cancel are not charged. If this was a street fair operation, you would be paying the entire rent (sometimes months in advance) whether it was storming or sunny. Here you pay as you go.

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