The Best Indoor and Outdoor Market In Manhattan
100 West 77th St., NY, NY 10024.

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Happy New Year!! From GreenFlea
The largest and oldest indoor/outdoor - Flea/Vintage/Craft/Food Market in NYC!!

During these cold winter months, Come and Discover the hearty outdoor vendors who are in the yard regardless of the temperature always with hot soup, a luxurious fur coat, or an exotic trinket.

Jerry Kleiner : Singular Gems T105
( indoor )

Sharon Murphy Teacup Collections
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Once braving the elements, step inside the school and Discover more than 7,500 square feet of indoor space filled with; antiques and antiquities, vintage jewelry and smalls, original NY artists' artworks,
valuable prints and collectibles and much much more…

Come and Discover the riot of joy the vendors have of their special collections,
culled just for you!! Open every Sunday regardless of weather: 10am to 5:30pm

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Home Decor


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You Haven't 'DONE' NYC until you have been to GreenFlea!!

Bob travels to the Green-Flea Market on Manhattan's Upper West Side with his long-time friend and flea market companion Mary - treasures await them, not the least of which are recycled christmas ornaments. Buy vintage and get something special that was special to someone else at one time. Make this Christmas red & GREEN at a Flea Market near you!

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