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Map of the Schoolyard for GreenFlea
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To see an enlarged map of the section near the gate on W. 77th St., click here

Regular Vendors on the back half of the side fence on W. 76th St.

Roger Lefebvre

Furniture & decorative items

Mark & Lillian Sygman

Decorative items & collectibles

Mel Laube

Collectibles, art, furniture

Regular Vendors in the Back Half of the A Row

Jack Lee

Silver jewelry & smalls

Joe Bucchi & Ben Cassara

Vintage clothing & dolls

Kymn Bryant

Vintage clothing, objects

Jamie Brown

High-end vintage accessories

Rick Reiners

Vintage postcards, glass, etc.

Regular Vendors in the Back Half of the B Row

Moises Diaz

Vintage/used designer women's clothing & accessories

Gabriel Porat

Charms, rings, antiques

Steve & Genevieve Gritzan

Records & CDs, some DVDs

Regular Vendors in the Back Half of the C Row

Miriam Bedolla

Handmade jewelry

Bonnie Bradley-Juarez

Handmade jewelry

Mingmar Tashi

Tibetan/Nepalese handicrafts

Tony Kou

Master picture framer

Tu San

Handicrafts & clothing from Tibet/Nepal

Safiya Adams

Women's fashions

Regular Vendors in the Back Half of the D Row

Elaine Arsenault

Designer of leather & cloth handbags

Diane Detzel

Handmade jewelry

Lobsang Dawa

Crystals, handicrafts

Qetia - Maia Eliozashvili

Handmade jewelry

Young Mo Lee

Hair accessories, hats, jewelry

Miriam Seminario

Lingerie, underwear, socks

Regular Vendors in the Back Half of the E Row

Judy Kay

Handmade leather jewelry, silver jewelry

Wendy Howard

Maps on tiles, trays, etc.

Simon Chen

Antique Asian objects & Buddhas

Sarah Hyman

Scarves, capes, shrugs

Nanako Miller

Clothing for hip young women

Suraj Joshi

Indian jewelry, scarves, etc.

Regular Vendors on the front half of the side fence on W. 76th St.

Carrier Pigeon

Art magazines, limited edition prints, printed t-shirts

Carol Iuliucci

Handcrafted stools, shelving

Mary Catalina

Vintage women's clothing

Enrique Otero

Vintage wooden dining sets, other furniture

Regular Vendors in the Front Half of the A Row

Saliha Laghrour

Antiques & collectibles

Brian Merlis

Vintage art, posters, collectibles

Joe Veloso

Vintage items & jewelry

Kiyara Als

Skin care products

Regular Vendors in the Front Half of the B Row

Sabrina Seward

Handmade jewelry - sterling silver

David Appleton

Handmade beautiful silk scarves

Wendy Garland

Cloth totes and handbags

Mel Ishkhak

Vintage jewelry

Regular Vendors in the Front Half of the C Row

Larry Pincus

Real flea market stuff!

Richard Delit

Lunchboxes, metal toy cars

Dawa Tsering

Nepalese/Tibetan handicrafts

Toni Butler

Men's hats, sunglasses, handbags

Karma Bhutia

Gorgeous scarves

Adolph Rohatsch

Fabulous European-style butter cookies


Women's contemporary fashions

Gary Lyons

DVDs of rock concerts - mostly vintage

Andrew Clark

Handmade jewelry

Regular Vendors in the Front Half of the D Row

Joni Smith

Jewelry, sunglasses, odds 'n' ends

Ruth Kinory

Handmade beaded jewelry

Carolyn Ochs

Vintage jewelry & bakelite

Carolyn Smith

Wacky magnets & magnetic dolls

Carlotta Shelton

Handmade hats

Joyce Settel

Vintage jewelry

Leah Rayblatt

Delicate handmade jewelry

Maya Schaper

Vintage & antique decorative objects

Nicole Traub

Handmade quilted clothing for women from India

Gertrude's International

High-end, custom clothing for women

Esther Sarmiento (not during the summer)

Handknits and crystal jewelry - all handmade


Handmade contemporary jewelry for men (& women!)

Barbara Sprenger

Vintage housewares & decor

Julie Ra-Goodman

Handwoven silver, gold jewelry

Sonam Gurung

Contemporary juniors clothing

Addie Heffernan (on medical leave)

Vintage jewelry & silver items

Regular Vendors in the Front Half of the E Row

Joel Waldman

Shadow boxes, illustrations

O Designs

Handmade ethnic jewelry

Peter Barton

Men's wear, sweaters, shirts

Gisele Chapman

Handmade jewelry- Art Deco

Sylvia Gold

Vintage jewelry, bric-a-brac

Miriam Devoto

Make-up; sample sizes

Judith Rotenberg

Judaica; handmade jewelry

Jorge Elguera

Yarns, jewelry, collectible stuffed animals

David Neiger

Rocks, crystals, gemstones

Ramon Vasquez

Carved wooden animals, Japanese incense & perfumes

Dawa Tsering

Nepalese/Tibetan handicrafts

Regular Vendors along the long side of school building leading to the door to the indoor market

Sid Karaben

Olives, pickles, condiments

Gladys Gomez

Lingerie, casual women's wear

Billo Berete

African antiques

Jonathan Gu

Chinese furniture & objects

Neil Rothman

Antique/vintage furniture, decorative objects

Josh Hoffman

Wood ornamental pieces made to order

Nirmal Singh

Indian textiles

Eveline Ridore

Vintage clothing & accessories, artwork

Louise Divers

Gently used designer bags & shores

Danve Devir

Dog coats; knits (winter)

Regular Vendors on front fence from the main gate to the corner with W. 76th St.

Ljatif Mecikukic

Vintage chandeliers & parts

Divine Chair Company

Vintage re-upholstered chairs

Laurel Wolffe

Vintage jewelry, smalls

Steve Mellilo

Pennants and posters

Regular Vendors on the front fence from main gate in the direction of W. 77th St.

Jose Peralta

Vintage itesms for women

Rogerio Machado

Designer of women's fashions

Jeanine D'Accardi

Jewelry designer

Ruth Pomerantz

Designer, Vintage, and Second-Hand Clothing

Pat Haber

Vintage furs and women's fashions