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Making A Reservation

All reservations should be made before Thursday of the Sunday you wish to work. Reservations are made on a week by week basis. Reservations are also on a first come first served basis, so the earlier you book in the week, the better the chance of you getting the spot you desire.

For Returning Vendors

please email Juli at and provide:

1) your first and last name

2) company name if different

3) space number you wish to book.

You will get a return email confirming your space.

For Potential New Vendors

- if you do not have a New York State Certificate of Authority card/number, do not attempt to make a reservation. GreenFlea Markets will not allow any vendor without this certificate to book a space. Please look at the tab on left for 'Becoming a Vendor' and follow the directions for getting this certificate.

- If you have a certificate: please email Juli at and state that you are a new potential vendor and provide:

1) first and last name

2) company name if different

3) description of merchandise you wish to sell

4) photos of the merchandise

5) date you wish to start.

FYI: NO jewelry of any kind will be accepted. There is limited space available for women's accessories including handbags, scarves, and hats.