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Nikki Stark's Jewelbiz is one of the better vintage jewelry offerings in the market. Her collection changes almost every week. Her pins are especially noteworthy and make perfect gifts. The bracelet on the left is a Chanel Gripoix piece. Look for her in the cafeteria. Her website contains many more items - Nikki is out for the summer and returns in Sept.
Claudia Gill

MakeThe Past Into A Present -- Claudia Gill transforms pictures and old photographs into lovely decoupage items. You'll find small trays, picture frames, coasters and more. Each one is unique. The perfect gift for the holidays. Outside in the center of the yard. Her web site is You may contact her also at

Judy Kaye Designs -

Some of the pieces in the collection for women:

Some of the pieces in the collection for men:

JUDY KAYE, a native New Yorker, has always found a way for her creativity to run wild. She tapped into her background in fine art, silversmithing, leather craft, tapestry design, and professional make-up artistry, to create the innovative collection known as Judy Kaye Bounded Style. In 2000, her signature piece - the wrap bracelet - was created . Composed of fine leather, gemstones, distinctive chain & original vintage and Swarovski detail, this most sought after design is a melange of her clear eye for color, her jewelers skill, and her intuitive sense of trend and style. She can be found outside for most of the year; inside when it's cold.

Tony Garcia is the owner of Barntiques, a company making one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are rightly called sculptures. The table below is an example of his style.

Lately, Barntiques has been adding some more unusual, one-of-a-kind art furniture pieces that incorporate sculptured (and structural) steel supports and slabs of beautiful hardwood. The photo at the right is an example. Mr. Garcia will gladly speak to you about any project you have in mind. A chance to own a piece that is truly unique.

In addition to these works of art, he also has created a line of wood framed mirrors whose frames are faux finished to resemble rusted or painted metal. Each one is different and they can be ordered in custom sizes. There are also small plant stands and benches made with the care of an accomplished woodworker. Look for him just inside the gate on W. 77th St. He is there every Sunday.

Nafi's Condiments

This is from a web site for serious foodies:

Nafi's condiments distinguish themselves from other pepper sauces by being made with habaneros and scotch bonnet peppers, the same ingredients that are used in her region of Senegal. "They are unique not just for their level of heat but for their intense and bold taste." Nafi recommends the condiments be used for quick meat and vegetable marinades to hummus stir-ins and easy add-ons for grain dishes. Her personal favorite sauce is the cumin: "It is amazing to cook, grill, or simply put on toasted bread and enjoy with goat cheese and figs."

For more information, go to her website:
Clothing Designs by Nanako

Nanako Clothes is the source for exceptionally well-made and fairly priced clothing for women of all ages. The clothing is always stylish, the selection constantly changing. Her web site is

You'll find her stand outside (E row) during the warmer months of the year and in the hallway when the temperatures begin to drop.

She also has a small collection of accessories to coordinate with the dresses and separates. Her fashion sense is uncanny.

The Lloyd Collection of Southwest Antiques & Memorabilia
Becky & Leonard Lloyd bring some of the most interesting decorative objects, both old and new, to the market each week. They also have some exceptional vintage Southwestern jewelry and beads. This is the booth for shoppers looking for the unusual -- almost everything is one-of-a-kind. At the front of the schoolyard in the center during the warmer months - inside usually during the winter.
New York Jewelry and Accessories
Started several years ago by a young jewlery designer, New York Jewelry and Accessories offers a delightful collection of Indian-inspired jewelry and scarves. The designs are unique and the prices are reasonable for the workmanship involved. You will find this vendor in the cafeteria most Sundays.
You can see more of the merchandise offered at the market at Sunday Vendors.

New! Interested in seeing some of the furniture offered? Click here for some photos.

New! Interested in seeing a few more of the fabulous jewelry vendors? Click here.


Regular Vendors Appearing Most Weeks
Karen McWharter
Karen McWharter has some of the finest vintage clothing and accessories at the market. Many of her items date from the 1930's and 40's. You'll find dresses, lingerie, coats, handbags, and more each week. She also has some antique eyeglass frames and interesting jewelry - some of it more than 100 years old.
Yona's Delights


Yona Amsalem, owner of Yona's Delights, has been a caterer for several years. She is an imaginative and talented cook who brings wonderful appetizers and desserts to the market each week. Try some of her savory pastries (filled with cheese or mushrooms -yum!) or a mini quiche. You will be an instant fan.

Ash Tapa and Fine Kashmiri Carpets & Textiles
Ash Tapa offers a wide range of wool and silk carpets and wall hangings from Kashmir. The colors are sensational. Sizes range from small accent rugs to room-size carpets, bed covers, and wall hangings. Surprisingly, the woolen pieces are machine washable using Woolite in cold water! Amazing. Front fence location between the main gate and the corner of W. 76th St.
Soleart Jewelry

The Soleart Jewelry collection created by Diane Detzel features contemporary necklaces and earrings incorporating pieces of vintage glass taken from old stop lights. These have been weathered and polished and have the appearance of old gems or sea glass. Very unique. In the D row at the center of the outdoor market.

Joshua's Trees

Joshua’s Trees has sold wood for 35 years.  We sell wood to anyone: NYC for the Tribeca Bridge, Central Park, World Trade Center, and lots of boutiques, restaurants, office complexes and hotels.
Wood pieces also crafted for private residences in the Northeast, CA, WY, TX and about any state you could mention. We enjoy it. And our customers like the opportunity to select products – in  harmony with Nature, to accent their lives. Email to:

small stools and tables with the beauty of the wood for all to see

simple but beautiful blocks of wood for seating or use as small tables

Web site:

a lovely interior scene at the Hyatt Hotel featuring a communal table and a side table

Leah Rayblatt and Crocheted Vintage Bead Jewelry
Leah Rayblatt has taken 'green' to a sublime level. Scouring flea markets and second-hand shops for lovely vintage beads & buttons, she puts them together into fabulous crocheted strings of beads and small findings. No two alike. They are small-scale masterpieces by a lively artistic mind. Outside near the gate on Columbus Ave.
Maria Fiore's Opera Lovers' Cafe Hat Shop
You've heard people say that 'they don't make things like they used to'. Well at  Maria Fiore's Opera Lovers' Cafe Hat Shop, 'they' do. That's because Maria sells  what she likes to call 'vintage pre-loved, rescued & re-loved' apparel & accessories. Her items date back to the 30's, 40's and 50's, primarily beautiful designer fashion women's hats and handsome prestigious brand name men's hats like Mr. John and John Jr, Lazarus, Trebor  Sally Victor, Dior FernCroft, Knox, Dobbs, Stetson, Johnathan Richard and Montecristi. They are originals from a bygone time when hats were made with pride andcraftsmanship to last and were collected by appreciative and

protective customers of good taste. Still in demand and in vogue, Maria Fiore's hats are are experiencing a renaissance which borders on the trendy and are available at very reasonable prices compared to many new hats sold these days. Put some pinache and romance in your life. Stop by Maria Fiore's Opera Lovers' Cafe Hat Shop - Sundays in the hallway. Got a special request? Email her at  or Tel: 212-799-9549~Fax: 646-792-3266.
Ljatif Mecikukic and
Ljatif Mecikukic is the vendor you'll want to see for that chandelier for the foyer or dining room. He has an enormous selection of vintage pieces that are dazzling. While many of them are simply sparkling crystal pieces, he also has a few colored crystal items including a deep violet 'grape' hanging lamp. Simply irresistible! His website is He's located on the front fence along Columbus Avenue - right at the main entrance.

You can also find parts for existing chandeliers. Just ask him about it.

Carolyn Smith of Wacky Magnets

Wacky Magnets offers a range of creative handcrafted magnets and magnetic paper dolls that are both fun and collectible.The whimsical magnets capture your heart without putting a hole in your wallet! The magnetic paper doll sets are suitable for ages 3 years to adult collectors. There are over 30 choices of magnetic boy and girl paper dolls, teddy bear and rabbit sets, all with magnetic clothing.  New to the Wacky Magnet paper doll selections are two charming Japanese ladies in traditional kimono sets that are magnetic and laminated.  Contact Wacky Magnets at their website or shop online at Look for them on Sunday in outdoor booth D 4 just inside the Columbus Ave. entrance.

Carolyn Smith is the founder/crafter/artisan of Wacky Magnets established in 1997.  She has been a GreenFlea vendor since June 2006.  Her magnets have made their way to England, France, Israel, Australia, Poland and Japan as well as throughout the United States via the internet and her affiliation with the GreenFlea Market.

Ruth Kinory and Vintage & Handmade Glass Bead Jewelry
If vintage glass beads and long sparkling necklaces are your obsession, the vendor to look for is Ruth Kinory.She has made it her business finding extraordinary glass and metal beads and putting them together into one-of-a kind (and often made to order) necklaces, bracelets and earrings. She will happily create something just for you!
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