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Claudia Gill
Using imagery from the past, Claudia Gill designs one of a kind trays, frames, mirrors amd wall hangings. Her Sophisticated decoupage technique allows the elements to flow together effortlessly.
Fanciful, spectral and illusive this "art for the home" contains visions that altermately excite with color or fade into a ghost -like presence, so that each piece takes on a meaning unique to the viewer.

The glamour and romance of the 1920s has always fascinated me - the elegant interiors, the dames in the old black-and-white movies dressed in their stylish finery, whether in suits with matching bags and fabulous hats, or satin gowns and slippers with fur pompoms and feathers, lounging in their luxe boudoirs waiting for their dapper men, dressed in double-breasted suits or tuxedos, to burst through the door, scoop them up in their arms and profess their love.