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Past Objects Art by Dolhathai S. (Pooh)

Hi, I’m Dolhathai! I relocated to New York City in 2001 from Thailand. Since 2008 I have had the great opportunity to join a team of collectors and historians, who dig for old glass and atrifacts in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC. These objects inspire me to make jewelry, as I see the beauty in objects from the past. I am very proud to be able to bring them back to life and give people the opportunity to appreciate them again in different forms, all while helping to save the planet!

Each piece is one of a kind, carefully made and sculpted into wearable art, and always spotlessly clean. I have created a technique for combining found objects, artifacts, glass, pottery shards, doll parts, and vintage jewelry together. Each item is unique and has a sense of history, and all of my pieces come with a little story from the original sites the artefacts are from. Please email me with requests and for more information. Thanks to all of my digger friends, who sacrifice their time to save all those artifacts and lost objects!